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You are passionate about life and people.
You are an overcomer.
You show respect to people very different than yourself.
You are not crippled by not being able to walk.
You enjoy the positive affects of laughing daily.
You strive to do life like the line above, but you’re not there, yet.
You enjoy inner stability because it beats self-sabotage every day of the week.
You are a survivor.
You know the importance of self-love.
You are looking forward to turning 100 this year and plan to party down.
You notice new wrinkles but see them as beautiful.
You love telling your story with tattoos.
You write lyrics on anything within arms reach.
You are tone deaf but sing your ass off anyways.
You have a sense of wonderment and awe about new cultures, foods, music, and lifestyles.
You have a deep passion to encourage others to be themselves.
You choose to love and accept yourself as you is.
You face lifetime hardships yet choose to be positive.
You are a lateral thinker driven by an insatiable curiosity.
You did not see yourself on this list? Please send a short description to: michael@asyouis.com

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